• First BBC Broadcast

    First BBC broadcast from London, station 2LO.


  • First radio broadcast for entertainment and music

    Reginald Aubrey Fessenden built a complete system of wireless transmission and reception using amplitude modulation. A revolution from dots and dashes.
  • Marconi transmitts the letter S across the Atlantic.

    Marconi transmits the letter S across the Atlantic ocean.


  • Marshmello Fortnite Concert

    Marshmello perfroms a virtual concert in free-to-play Fortnite.
  • PCGG starts broadcasting

    In The Hague PCGG starts regular broadcasting, the first commercial radio station.


  • Royal Castle of Laeken Broadcasts

    Robert Goldschmidt oversees broadcast of short-lived weekly concert series ended due to the facility destruction due to WWI.


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